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WFSA Newsletter: Welcome from the WFSA Honorary Secretary

  Dr Gonzalo Barreiro     Dr Gonzalo Barreiro

Welcome to the new WFSA eNewsletter!

Usually at these
dates the secretary, on behalf of the WFSA, sends a message to all the
affiliated societies. For some of us this represents the end of a year,
which could not be the case for others, but the important thing is to be

This year I have chosen the title
“together”, because it is a very important word for the human being.
From our ancestors we learned that together they could do more that
being isolated, and that if a group of human beings feel to be part of a
group and they have clear goals, most likely they will accomplish a lot
of things.

That’s what the WFSA is about: to feel united
due to the only fact that we are  anesthesiologists, regardless of skin
color, race or religion, which unfortunately are often used to separate
the human beings, rather to put them together. It must be clear that our
goal is the solidarity with our colleagues in need, those living “at
the other side of the river”. It must be also clear that financial
contributions or others, even if they seem small, can make the
difference. And at last it must be clear the key role of the multiplying
effect of education and that people can only be free through it. This
is why this message from the WFSA has “together” as its title.


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Latest News


Feb 04, 2013

This year the WFSA Scientific Committee will continue for the third year a programme of research scholarships. These grants will be provided to young researchers from less affluent countries to help them to travel to a foreign country to study and learn in a research programme. The recipient will have to develop a research project in a Department or a Laboratory of Anaesthesiology for a period of six months to one year, with a final goal of publishing an original paper in an indexed journal. This could form part of an advanced diploma or a PhD thesis.

Dr. Angela Enright receives ASA Nicholas Green Award

Dec 03, 2012

Dr. Angela Enright, the immediate Past President of the WFSA, has been honoured by the American Society of Anaesthesiologists with the Nicholas Greene Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Contribution.
Dr Enright has also been honoured by the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland who awarded her Honorary Membership of the AAGBI.

Update 28 (2012) Intensive Care Medicine

Dec 03, 2012

The 268-Page sepcial edition covers the major areas of Intensive Care Medicine (ICM). It is written with an emphasis on provision of ICM in areas where resources are limited, but also covers the major areas of development in ICM where resources are less restricted.

Updated Pain Relief Committee Report Oct 2012

Oct 22, 2012

This is a summary of the activities of the Pain Relief Committee during 2012.

Palestine Anesthesia Teaching Mission (PATM) Update 2012/13

Aug 29, 2012

PATM is an important collaboration between the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society International Education Foundation (CASIEF) and the WFSA. The mission is making excellent progress training young Palestinian anaesthesiologists.

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