WFSA Foundation Report 2010


WFSA Foundation Report 2010

Phillip O. Bridenbaugh


Activities on behalf of furthering the work and needs of
the Foundation are ongoing. Posters and literature are included in the WFSA
exhibit at select National and Regional Anesthesia Meetings.  The Publications Committee has frequently
included information and needs for Foundation support. The WFSA web page has
continued to encourage donations through the internet. Many of the WFSA
sponsored teaching activities by the Education Committee provide opportunities
for the needs of that area that can be used for solicitations for Foundation


Donations for the past year totaled in the $18,000-$20,000
range. In addition, there are designated donations for specific countries or
programs. Some donations have been added to those. The Foundation will approach
those designated recipient programs and distribute funds directed toward their
teaching and medical needs.


This past year, we have had requests for ongoing assistance
to the Anesthesia teaching programs in Rwanda. The Canadian Anesthesiology
Society and the American Society of Anesthesiology have continued to provide
monthly rotations of anesthesiologists in support of their 4 year residency
program. Dr Franco Carli of the CAS assumed the direction of that program from
Dr. Enright when she became president of WFSA. That program has graduated its
first class of residents this past year.


We have also received a request from Liberia to help
support their hospital rebuilding program. Their existing hospital was
destroyed in that country’s past civil war. They have some support from their
Government and some of the churches. Their greatest need is for maternal and
surgical services. We will try to provide some help for those programs.


The Foundation thanks the WFSA Officers, Executive
Committee and the various Committees of the WFSA for their service on behalf of
the WFSA to the many needy areas of the world where we have taught, provided
books and supplies, and clinical care. The need is ever greater.




Phillip O. Bridenbaugh MD

Chair, WFSA Foundation 

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