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This Website section, contains Update and the Anaesthesia Tutorial of the week. These are developed by the Publications Committee of the WFSA. There are also links to educational sites from around the world.

Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week

Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week is a weekly web-based tutorial run by the WFSA.  Our aim is to support anaesthesia training, particularly in low income countries where access to anaesthesia education is often limited.  Anyone however, is welcome to use our materials.

Update in Anaesthesia

Update in Anaesthesia is the official education journal of the WFSA. First published in 1992, the original aim of this journal was to provide clear, concise and clinically-relevant overview articles to be read by anaesthetists working in all manner of situations around the world with limited resources. A particular emphasis has been to provide ongoing learning and support for anaesthetists practicing in countries where facilities for clinical practice and educational development are scarce.

Update is sent free-of-charge to over 3000 English-speaking anaesthetists, and read by many others including surgeons, nurses and medical students. Our feedback shows that Update is a widely-used resource in both low income and well-resourced settings. Update is also translated into Russian and Mandarin, and Spanish, French, Portuguese and Persian editions are underway. Update has always been available via the internet for free download, both as full editions and as individual articles and the editorial board are delighted that availability of this resource will be broadened further with the opening of this new section of the WFSA website.

European Virtual Anaesthesia

European Virtual Anaesthesia (EVA) is a website for e-learning developed with the support of GE Healthcare and the cooperation of the Lille University. It is free of access for all anaesthesiologists wishing to update their knowledge in any field of anaesthetic practice.

Anaesthesia Teaching CD-ROMs: 2010

More details This is a two
disc set of superb teaching material relating to Obstetric Anaesthesia

Obstetric Anaesthesia Teaching CD-ROMs: 2010


These discs are available at no cost to the anaesthesia providers in low
income countries. To obtain a set, send an email with your postal address to the
Administrative Secretary, Ruth Hooper,  using the Contact link at the top right
hand corner of the page.


Center for Simulation, Safety, Advanced Learning and Technology: University of Florida

This offers 26 free simulations of anaesthesia-related activities from the alveolar gas equation to the Virtual Anesthesia Machine (VAM)

European e-learning course in obstetric analgesia

This is a course for the learning of obstetric analgesia. The information offered in this website is intended primarily for anesthesiologists and trainees in anesthesia. The course, lead by a well renowned International faculty, consists of half hour lessons which include voice assisted slides, text, a question/answer forum and a self-assessment questionnaire.  At the completion of the course you will have the most up-to-date information and techniques dealing with labor analgesia. You will also be introduced to clinically relevant facts and the most recent topics including evidence-based medicine and pharmacogenetics in obstetric anesthesia.

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