WFSA Book & Journal Donation Scheme


WFSA Book & Journal Donation Scheme


Many Anaesthesiologists in poorer parts of the world work without access
to modern  books or journals.   In contrast many other
Anaesthesiologists have access to considerable amounts of educational
material which is used for a short time and then discarded.  If
Anaesthesiologists in one part of the world sent their books and
journals to colleagues overseas, we could do much to reduce this

The WFSA Publications Committee wishes to put Anaesthesiologists who are
willing to donate books or journals in touch with Anaesthesiologists in low income countries who have requested this type of assistance.

  • Donors who are willing to send (by surface mail) current journals
    and/or recent textbooks (published after the year 2000) to
    Anaesthesiology departments in low income countries should send an email
    to the address below with details of what you wish to donate.
  • If your department would like to receive books or journals please
    email or write to us and we shall do our best to help.  Please give
    details of yourself, size of hospital and department, how many
    anaesthesiologists work in your department and which books or journals
    you have available.

Contact for WFSA Book and Journal Donation Scheme

[email protected]

Alternatively write to:

World Anaesthesia

Pound Cottage


Exeter, EX6 7LX

United Kingdom

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