Hon. Secretary’s Report 2010


Hon. Secretary’s Report 2010


Secretary’s report is meant to be read in conjunction with those written by the
other Officers and with those of the Committee chairs.


Changes in Membership:

We have
been able to welcome Micronesia and Cameroon as new provisional members this
year and we look forward to welcoming them as full members at the next General
Assembly in Buenos Aires in March of 2012.


Executive Committee remains concerned that some countries may not be informing
the WFSA of their true membership and thus are not paying the appropriate
membership fees. It is noteworthy that most of the poorest nations within our
membership set impressive examples in their speed of payment and willingness to
pay increasing fees every year as their Societies increase in number. The
Executive Committee and Management Group continue to monitor these matters


Global Oximetry project now LifeBox:

project has developed beyond our most optimistic forecasts. Their new website (www.lifebox.org) will provide all the details
that one could want but from a simple project, all be it with a huge ambition,
this oximetry project has now created its own entity separate from WFSA and
continues to develop on all fronts. WFSA are still closely involved and many of
the leaders in our organisation are now leading the work of LifeBox. We believe
that WFSA will continue to support and encourage this new organisation until it
can be truly independent much in the same way as the Primary Trauma Care
foundation was, and still is, assisted by WFSA.

One of
the most impressive aspects of the development of this organisation has been
the willingness of a huge number of non anaesthetists and even non medical
people to provide hours and hours of free service to the organisation because
they grasped the vision of what was being planned. Lawyers, website designers,
administrators, secretaries and professional fund raisers were all pleased to
work for the project on a complete ‘Pro bono’ basis and many continue to do
this. WFSA only manages to complete its aims because of the generosity of its
members who act in a similar selfless manner and it is tremendous to see that
same sense of giving spread out into so many other professions who then become
united in their vision of a safer practice of our speciality.


WFSA website:

Kempthorne has continued to make our website a very valuable part of all our
activity. The site has been redesigned and we believe it is greatly improved.
Pedro Ibarra (Columbia) has been providing an increasing input into this
process and plans to take over as webmaster when Peter Kempthorne steps down
from that role next year. It is very difficult to find adequate words to
describe the gratitude that the WFSA owes to Peter who has managed to maintain
and develop a wonderful service to our organisation. He has done a superb job
and we will miss his thoughtful advice in the future.



and National meetings continue to expand and develop and WFSA has been delighted
to have strong representation in all the major regional meetings during the
past 12 months. We were sorry that political unrest and associated concerns
about delegate safety caused the cancellation of the Pan Arab Congress in
Damascus earlier this year. All within the WFSA hope that these matters will
soon be resolved and that we can renew our close ties with our colleagues in
this region soon. We continue to work closely with the European Society of
Anaesthesiologists and had some fruitful meetings at the recent meeting in
Amsterdam. There was a strong WFSA representation at the recent meeting of the
Scandinavian Society in Bergen this year. A large proportion of our current
focus has been on South America as the next World Congress to be held in Buenos
Aires, Argentina 25-30 March 2012 comes ever closer. The Argentinean Society
and their PCO, ChoiceLive, has done a magnificent job in continuing to develop
this project, trade and delegate registrations are at a very high level
compared with previous World Congresses and we look forward to a momentous
meeting. We are grateful for the support offered by Baxter Healthcare who have
once again funded a scholarship programme to permit young anaesthetists from
less affluent countries to attend and present at the meeting. Other national
societies have added to these funds and we look to see such projects continuing
in future years to many more regional meetings as well as the WCA.


Changes in Committee membership:

The new
Constitution and the processes within it will be tested for the first time at
the forthcoming General Assemblies (GAs) of the WFSA to be held in Buenos Aires
this coming March. We have adopted a much more democratic and open process for
the election of the Executive Committee and the Officers of the WFSA. For the
first time this will be done by an open election with voting done by all
delegates to the GAs. Membership of the permanent and specialist committees
will be decided in advance of the WCA allowing those elected to learn in a
timely manner of their election and to plan to attend the Congress and
contribute to the Committee to which they have been elected. All these
positions will be ratified by the first GA. The CVs of those seeking election
will appear in due course on our website and will hopefully allow a more
considered electoral process by you at the WCA. At this time we are still
collecting nominations from around the world and this is the chance for every
Society that has paid its membership dues to put forward those whom you think could
help to move our organisation forward.



Mrs Ruth
Hooper is one of the most visible ‘faces’ of our organisation as she continues
her invaluable work as Administrative Manager of our London Office. Many of you
will have met her at our display stands at the major regional meetings and will
know of her enthusiasm and willingness to provide help. Ruth works tirelessly
for all of us and every committee but it is particularly the Management Group
of the WFSA that owe her our greatest appreciation for all the constant help
and advice that she offers us all. The daily workload continues to increase and
there will be a need for further assistance in the office in the more immediate
run up to the WCA. Any member of any Society is welcome to visit the office
during normal working hours if they are in London. It would be appreciated if
warning of visits could be given by telephone to ensure that such a visit is


Further Reports:

details of all of WFSA work can be found on our website and within the enclosed
reports. Please take time to read and digest this broad spectrum of activity
and then consider what other matters we should be undertaking and where you and
your society can assist.


Your contribution:

I make no
apology for repeating this part of my report which appeared last year too as I
believe it is of fundamental importance and still leads to regular questioning.

WFSA is a
charity and your Society’s timely payment of its membership fees permits all
this activity to continue. Sometimes Officers of the WFSA are asked ‘what does
WFSA do for me?’ It may be that if you work in an affluent part of the world
the answer to this is that WFSA is improving the lot of patients around the
world by its work in education, publication, safety and quality of practice so
that your money goes to help all of that activity. Whether you are affluent or
less affluent you should feel very proud to be part of such a great
organisation that does so much good for so many. Read the reports here and see
where your money is going and then see what else you can do as an organisation
or an individual to help some more.

At the
next WCA your Society’s delegates will have the opportunity to influence the
plans and future of the organisation to which you all belong. We are eager to
hear your views and actively seek your participation in these future plans. I
look forward to seeing you in Buenos Aires if not before.


Dr David Wilkinson,

Honorary Secretary

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