National Member Societies
Scroll down to find the country of interest. Details of each Member Society are displayed beneath the country name. On the old site, it was possible to choose alphabetically without scrolling down the whole list. This is no longer possible. The quickest way to find a National Society is to enter the name of the country into the search box on the top right of the page.


ALBANIA – Albanian Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care No publisher admin 2011-06-06T15:28:01Z Page
ALGERIA – Société Algérienne d’Anesthésie No publisher admin 2011-06-06T13:57:23Z Page
ANGOLA – Associação de Anestesia da Republica de Angola No publisher admin 2012-04-19T09:58:47Z Page
ARGENTINA – Federación Argentina de Asociaciones de Anestesia, Analgesia y Reanimación No publisher admin 2012-02-06T11:44:02Z Page
AUSTRALIA – Australian Society of Anaesthetists No publisher admin 2012-05-01T13:15:36Z Page
BALARUS – Belarusian Society of Anaethetists and Experts in Resuscitation No publisher [email protected] 2012-07-27T10:13:02Z Page
BANGLADESH – Bangladesh Society of Anaesthesiologists No publisher admin 2012-03-16T14:20:03Z Page
BELGIUM – Society for Anesthesia and Resuscitation of Belgium No publisher admin 2012-10-22T11:21:47Z Page
BENIN – Societé d’Anesthesie-Reanimation du Benin No publisher admin 2012-04-19T10:03:36Z Page
BOLIVIA – Sociedad Boliviana de Anestesiología, Reanimación y Dolor No publisher admin 2011-11-01T17:18:10Z Page
BOTSWANA – Botswana Society of Anaesthetists No publisher admin 2012-04-30T10:12:37Z Page
BRAZIL – Sociedade Brasileira de Anestesiologia No publisher admin 2012-03-14T14:12:29Z Page
BULGARIA – Bulgarian Society of Anaesthesiologists No publisher admin 2012-02-24T14:41:59Z Page
CAMBODIA – Cambodia Society of Anaesthetists No publisher admin 2012-03-15T17:31:58Z Page
CAMEROON – Societé Camerounaise d’Anesthesie No publisher admin 2011-04-12T13:56:48Z Page