This page will guide you to the annual reports of the various committees and key officers who carry out the administration of the WFSA. Click on the relevant report to read it. Some of the larger ones are available in pdf format to download. It also has the Minutes of the General Assembly at the most recent World Congress of Anaesthesiologists.

In the run up to the WFSA’s big event, the World Congress, that occurs every 4 years, the whole focus of all the Officers and the Executive Committee is on the forthcoming event. This may explain, but does not necessarily forgive, the absence of an Annual Report from the WFSA for 2007.

This then is a composite of about 18 months; the year running up to the Cape Town World Congress and the six months since as we settle down into our new committees and start to make plans for 2012 and our visit to Buenos Aires. I feel well prepared to provide such a commentary having been Deputy Secretary up to March 2008 and since then the Secretary.

These preceding remarks in no way are supposed to indicate that a World Congress is all we do! Within this Annual Report you will be able to see the depth and breadth of our activity in education, publication, safety, manpower, resuscitation, obstetrics, paediatrics and painmanagement as well as the myriad of support offered for local and regional meetings as well as to individual Society members.

This is only going to appear on the website. Please do not hesitate to download any portion that you wish to read in more detail. Please do not hesitate to let the members of your Society know that the report is available to them in this format. The more who read about our activity the better things will be.

Many thanks
David Wilkinson,

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Minutes of the General Assemblies of the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists. 2008

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