Primary Trauma Foundation Report: 2010-12


Primary Trauma Foundation Report: 2010-12

Douglas Wilkinson

Training Course Activity –


All Saints Hospital (ASH), Engcobo,
South Africa – October 2010


Instructors: Dr. David Oloruntoba
(Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery, Bedford Orthopaedic Centre), Dr. Howard Kingu
(Consultant, General Surgery, Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital), Dr. Dhaffala
(Consultant, Neurosurgery, Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital.


All Saints Hospital is located in
Engcobo town 80kms from Mthatha. It’s a 330 bed hospital functioning as a level
1 & 2 hospital and is the first port of call for trauma for  the population of that part of the
Eastern Cape Province.

Dr Rajeev Eashwari the Medical
Superintendent of All Saints Hospital Engcobo approached the PTC committee in
August 2010 about holding a PTC course for staff of ASH & the surrounding
clinics – 16 participants attended the course.


Uganda – Kampala and Hoima –
November 2010

The PTC foundation was approached
early in 2010 with the possibility of running a foundation course in Uganda as
the first step in putting up a system for trauma care.

The initiator was Prof E. Moro a
surgeon & deputy dean of the Medical faculty at Gulu University.  They had looked at the PTC model &
had decided that the primary care nature & its inbuilt training of trainers
to take it to the rest of the country was what they needed.  Prof. Moro had produced a policy
document outlining a plan going forward to take the program nationwide.


The first Two day course (15th
& 16th Nov 2010) – conducted by team of 4 trainers from Nelson
Mandela Academic Hospital Complex / Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha, Eastern
Cape, South Africa – Dr David Oloruntoba, Dr Kingu, Dr Dhaffala and Dr
Shrivastava – plus a team of 4 ATLS trained facilitators from the UK were  involved.  The UK team were scheduled to give a standard 2 day course
in Hoima (in the mid East of Uganda) after having being part of the 1st
2 day course & the 1 day instructors course in Kampala.  

A One day Instructors course (17th
Nov 2010) – The course was run for doctors, all senior surgeons &
anaesthetists.   20
participants attended the course (10 of which were nurses).




25th PTC Course – Apollo
Hospital, Delhi – April 2010

A 15 member team of PTC
instructors from Delhi – 24 participants, consisting of  senior and junior doctors and senior
nursing staff from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta and Nepal were selected for
the course.


Additional PTC
courses  in India (February, March
and July 2010) were presented in video format, which may be located via our
website.  All courses were
organised by Dr Arun Prasad (PTCF India).


Mongolia – June 2010

2-day PTC course and one-day PTC Instructor Course were held in
Ulanbaatar.  These courses were
immediately followed by a second 2-day course organised and taught by the newly
trained local instructors.  8
people attended the first 2-day course, 8 new instructors and two experienced
instructors joined the instructor course, and 13 attended the second 2-day
course. The aim of these courses was to teach trauma management knowledge and
skills to course participants and also to train and develop the skills of local
PTC instructors.  The course
instructors involved in the training were:


Dr Tungaa – (Local organiser)
Anaesthetist Maternal and Child Health Research Centre

Dr. D Kenneth Brownhill – (
Overseas Organiser) Anaesthetist, Melbourne Australia

Dr Wayne Morriss – Anaesthetist,
Christchurch, New Zealand

Dr Stephen Swallow –
Anaesthetist, Hobart, Australia

Dr. Ganbold – Anaesthetist and
President of the Mongolian Society of Anaesthetists


Rhaim Yar
Khan (Punjab) – April 2010

Two day course was organised to
introduce and teach the concepts and principles of PTC to the specialists and
teaching faculty of Sheikh Zayed Medical College Rahim Yar Khan, which is a  remote and backward district of Punjab
bordering Sindh and Baluchistan Provinces. The course was the result of an
ongoing communication between PTC’s National Coordinator for Pakistan Prof
Rashid Jooma, Chairman PTC Sind and the Principle of Sheikh Zayed Medical
College.  The course instructors

Dr Saeed Minhas – Chairman PTC Sind
& Orthopaedic Surgeon Karachi.

Dr Shams Nadeem Alam – Course
Director PTC, General Surgeon Karachi.

Dr Irfan Ashraf – General Surgeon
& Medical Educationist, Karachi.

Dr Faisal Hussain – Orthopaedic
Surgeon Lahore.


Karachi – April 2010

One day Primary Trauma Care course
was organised to introduce and teach the concepts and principles of PTC to the
House surgeons and medical officers and Senior Registrars of the Dental
department of the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical centre, in Karachi. The course
was the result of an ongoing communication between PTC Sind Chairman Dr Saeed
Minhas, and Dr Abid Head of Department of Dental surgery.  35 doctors attended the course and the
Instructors were:


Dr Saeed Minhas – Course Director
Associate Professor (Current Charge) JPMC, Karachi.

Dr Abid Mahmood – Coordinator and
Head of Dentistry JPMC

Dr Nadeem – Assistant Professor
Anaesthesia JPMC Karachi

Dr Irfan Ashraf – Director Professional
development centre SMC DUHS Karachi.

Dr Kanwal Zia – General Surgeon Dow
University of Health Sciences Karachi.


Karachi – November 2010

A two day
PTC provider course was conducted at the Memon Medical Institute (MMI), Karachi
on 27th and 28th November 2010. MMI is a 332 bedded
tertiary care hospital in the suburbs of Karachi city, approximately 5 km from
Quid-e-Azam International Airport. It is strategically a potential site for
trauma patients as two major highways travel on its two sides within a distance
of 15 to 20 kms.


pre-course meeting was held with PTC Sindh faculty and it was decided that the
“China experience” would be used to improve the PTC provider course, as three
of the local faculty members were also part of the PTC China Faculty. It was
also concluded that at least half of the instructors should be those who are
not experienced as PTC instructors and they should run the course sessions
under direct supervision by experienced PTC faculty.  26 people attended the course and the Instructors were:


Dr. Saeed
Minhas (Chairman PTC),  Dr. Shams
Nadeem Alam (Director PTC

Dr. Bushra
Shirazi, Dr. Noor ul Haq and Dr. Shahid Shamim (Course Director)


Iraq  –
March 2010

First PTC course in Iraq jointly
organised by PTCF, Ministry of Health and Red Crescent Society of Iraq.

Five instructors from Pakistan and
UK conducted the course; Prof John Beavis, Dr Jeanne Frossard and Dr Shariq Ali
were joined by Dr Saeed Minhas and Dr Arshad Taqi from Pakistan. Local
facilitator of the course was Dr Omar Khatab from Baghdad and the course
attracted 20 participants.


Participants of the founding course
consisted of surgeons, anaesthetists and emergency physicians from Baghdad and
Basra to give it a wide geographical representation. A two-day PTC founding course,
followed by a one-day instructors’ course were presented.



Over 2000 master Chinese PTC
instructors trained from 110 courses in 4 provinces in China with the input of
over 30 PTC overseas instructors from over 10 countries worldwide.  This is year 1 of a 3-year Ministry of
Health/PTCF project.





Gaza –
February 2010

to the PTC team visit in November 2009 and formulation of a Gaza PTC Committee,
the local staff who attended two PTC training courses held at the HRDD Gaza,
were nominated as the local PTC staff. The first activity of the Committee was
to organize the PTC courses prepared by the local trainers. The aim of the
course was to train and develop skills of Gaza local PTC instructors.

program was designed for two days with the assistance of Dr. John Beavis and
the HRDD organized the training hall for the courses and equipped it

people attended the first course and 19 attended the second course (10 doctors
and 9 nurses).  To date, four
courses have been presented in Gaza and supported by MAP (Medical Aid for





Raratonga, Cook Islands – June 2010

one-day Instructor Course and 2-day PTC course were held in Rarotonga.   16 people attended the Instructor
Course and an additional 19 people attended the 2-day course.  The aims of the courses were to
reinforce knowledge and skills for local instructors and participants.   The course instructors were:


Dr Wayne Morriss – Anaesthetist,
Christchurch, New Zealand

Dr Mary Tuke – Anaesthetist, Rarotonga
Hospital, Cook Islands

Dr Deacon Teapa – Surgical Trainee,
Fiji School of Medicine, Suva, Fiji

Dr Ron Pereira – Anaesthetist,
Christchurch, New Zealand

Dr Sue Pereira – Anaesthetist,
Christchurch, New Zealand



Malietoa Tanumafili II Hospital, Tuasivi, Savaii,
Samoa – June 2010

5 Day PTC Programme:

One-Day Tour of Healthcare
Facilities Savaii by PTC Instructors 14 June

Two-Day Training Course 15-16 June –
attended by 29 participants

Two-Day Training Course 17-18 June –
attended by 38 participants



Dr. Loudeen Lam – Surgery, Apia

Dr. Tapa Fidow – O&G Apia

Dr. L’amour Hansell – Medical
Director, Anaesthesia Savaii

Dr. Teariki Puni – O&G Apia

Dr. Pai Enosa – Emergency Medicine, Apia

Dr. Mika Ah
Kuoi – Emergency
Medicine, Apia

Dr. Bryce Curran – Anaesthesia,
Christchurch Public Hospital


Timor Leste – April 2010

The visit had two main aims:


1. Deliver training in trauma care
to the staff of the Referral Hospital Baucau. This was identified as an area
that needed addressing by Dr Cesaltino, the Director General of referral
hospital Baucau.

2. For the team from Dili (RACS and
NHGV staff) to become better acquainted with the staff and needs of Referral
Hospital Baucau with a view to providing ongoing support.


A two day PTC course was run at the
Baucau Referral Hospital in Timor Leste on April 9th and 10th.
There were 14 participants. 3 participants were doctors from Baucau Hospital.
The remaining participants were nursing staff from the Baucau hospital ED. The
course was well supported by the hospital.  The Course Instructors were:

Dr Antony Chenhall – (Emergency
Physician) Long Term Advisor, Emergency Department, Dili, Timor Leste

Dr Nilton Tilman – (Surgical
Registrar) NHGV, Dili, Timor Leste

Dr James Fordyce – (Emergency
Physician) Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin, Australia

Dra Celia –  Clinical Director, Referral Hospital
Baucau (translation for AC and JF)


Suai, Timor
Leste – March 2010

A two day PTC course was run at the
Suai Referral Hospital in Timor Leste on March 12th and 13th.
There were 11 participants, all of whom worked at Suai Hospital. 1 participant
was a Timorese ‘GP’ doctor; 3 participants were ED nursing staff; 5
participants were anaesthetic techs; an ambulance officer; and 3 health staff
not directly related to emergency care.


The standard 2 day PTC course plan
was followed with the following variations. Burns was done as a small group
activity rather than a lecture. The final MCQs were not done and instead a
discussion with the faculty, the course participants and hospital
administrators was held on the barriers to implementing PTC in Suai, and what
the next steps should be. Course Instructors were:

Dr Antony Chenhall – (Emergency
Physician) Long Term Advisor, Emergency Department, Dili, Timor Leste

Dr Eric Vreede – (Anaesthetist) Long
Term Advisor, Anaesthetics, Dili, Timor Leste

Dr Stephen Watson –  (Emergency Medicine Registrar) Darwin,

Francisco Borges – (Staff Nurse)
Emergency Department, Dili, Timor Leste





Santa Cruz,
Bolivia – November 2010

Starting PTC in Santa Cruz de la
Sierra Bolivia with a PTC basic course and an Instructors course for the local
doctors who work in the main hospitals and health systems within the city. 

The PTC basic and instructor course
were planned to be executed from the 19th to the 21st of
November.   Good group of
instructors from different specialities (anaesthesiologists and surgeons) from
Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador.

There were only 10 participants from
Santa Cruz Bolivia and had only 3 good candidates for the Instructors course.

Key staff
involved in planning and co-ordinating:

Main Coordinator: Dra.
Teresa Ambolumbet.

Local coordinator: Dr. Hernan

Basic Course
coordinator: Dr. Santiago Alban

Course coordinator: Dr. Oscar Gonzalez.


Ecuador – MAY 2010

A Basic PTC course was held in Quito
in May and the Course Instructors were –

Dra Susanna Cueva and Dr Santiago
Alban. During the course the principal organiser was Dr. Juan Carlos


23 participants attended the
programme – 4 from Chile, 1 Guatemala and 18 from Ecuador. 


Following the basic PTC course, the
team presented an Instructor Course. 
Only those course participants who were medically qualified and had
attended the whole of the basic course were accepted – 12 Participants: 4 from
Chile, 1 from Guatemala and 7 from Ecuador.


Suriname –
January 2010

Introduction: PTC started in
Suriname in 2002, since then 20 student courses have been held, in the first
years mainly for doctors. In more recent years at least half of the courses
have been organized for nurses. 

A well attended PTC course was held
on the 23rd and 24th of January 2010.


12 doctors from the Emergency
Department of the Academic Hospital

15 doctors from Regional Health

The courses were held in the
spacious Surgery Department, with ample room for different workshops and skill
stations.  Both courses followed
the usual PTC pattern, including a very much appreciated workshop on X-rays,
where the students were trained to interpret X rays of the cervical spine,
thorax and pelvis.

Nearly all slides as well as the
student manual have been translated into Dutch, the official language in




Dr Douglas Wilkinson

Chair, Primary Trauma Care Working


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