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Newsletter Archive

Read the old Newsletters they give a summary of the history of WFSA Activities

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Newsletter October 2010: The Scientific Committee

Philippe Scherpereel summarises the goals and activities of the newly-formed Scientific Committee

WFSA Obstetric Committee Report 2010

The past year for the Obstetric Committee has been one of forging links with sister organizations and attempting to build the bridges by which we may collaborate on future multidisciplinary projects.

Newsletter December 2010: An Update on the Global Oximetry Project

This is the regular Newsletter of the WFSA and this month it gives and update on the exciting new Global Oximetry Project. This is the largest single venture the WFSA has undertaken and will have huge impact on anaesthetic safety. At present about 35 million patients per year are having anaesthetics without an oximeter.

Newsletter Spring 2011

Professional Wellbeing Working Party report
Report of the Professional Wellbeing Working Party of WFSA (PWWP): It is time to reflect on, and do something about, the anesthesiologist’s occupational health

Newsletter Aug 2011: Pain Management in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) Just Put Up With It?


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