Confederation of Latin American Societies of Anaesthesiologists Report 2009


Confederation of Latin American Societies of Anaesthesiologists Report 2009

Flavio Veintemilla ECUADOR


  • Flavio Veintemilla President (Ecuador)
  • Perla Weissbrod, Vice-President (Argentina)
  • Daniel Mora Garcia Secretary (Mexico)
  • Francisco Javier Martinez Pelayo (Mexico)
  • Sergio Ricardo Castro Soto (Mexico)
  • Roger Pasquier Hernandez (Nicaragua)
  • Sergio Silva Chong (Panama)    


1. WFSA Anesthesia Training Centers

The efforts have been
directed to start two new centers in Latin America, in Mexico and

After discussion with both local societies, it was considered to be a
good opportunity for the region in order to train scholars from
north/central and South America.

The program will be launched as a common project from WFSA as well from
CLASA, even with some financial support from the confederation.

In order to know how to start a Center, information was requested and
received from Dr. Jannicke Mellin-Olsen, Chair of the Education
Committee, and from the WFSA President Dr. Angela Enright. With that
information, proposals in starting centers were written and presented to
the societies and our ‘experts’. Their further suggestions and
experience on the subject made possible a document which was very useful
to start our future centers.


2. The Surgical Safety Checklist

The list was translated to
Spanish and send to all the Latin American countries. Personally, and
through CLASA, we have strongly recommended to be applied in every OR,
according to the WFSA and the Task Force publication.

From the beginning, there was a universal agreement from within CLASA to
inform, recommend and adopt the checklist as a part of our normal
practice.Some countries have sent the checklist to their government’s health
authorities with a proposal for acceptance as a priority in their
routine practice to improve security in the perioperative setting.

Last year, Dr. Florian Nuevo Executive Committee Chair, was invited to
Ecuador to show the activities of the WFSA worldwide. On that
opportunity Dr. Nuevo talked to our anesthesiologists about the
importance of the checklist and how its application could modify our
routines and health care of our patients. We appreciated her visit.



There has been a close relationship with Dr.
Gonzalo Barreiro and Dr. Gastao Duval and CLASA in order to spread
information to LA countries about WFSA activities around the world and
specifically LA.

CLASA has published on the web page Spanish versions of newsletters and
education reports.

After some discussions with Dr. Enright, Dr. Mellin-Olsen and CLASA,
about economical support to Latin-American countries, resources have
been optimized in such matter, sponsoring to courses as well as meetings
are done according with the main objectives of the WFSA. The
recommendations have been seen with great acceptation and optimism by
all the countries.

An introduction of WFSA was initiated to countries which were not WFSA
members like El Salvador, about the importance and the meaning of the
WFSA around the world. This country has applied for membership of the
Federation and we expect this will become ratified at the next General

4. The Global Pulse Oximetry project

The information of the
project was send to all the countries of the region. Collaboration with
Gonzalo Barreiro started this request, making the contacts in some
countries in the region with anesthesiologists who were considered to
lead the program.

Different reasons mainly communication from inside the countries have
delayed the application of the program as well as the testing of the

5. WCA Buenos Aires 2012

The efforts to support and encourage
the organization of the meeting has been expressed to Dr. Alfredo
Cattaneo as well as to the Organising Committee. We expect a massive
participation of Latin American anesthesiologists to the congress.

Planning for 2010

Our goals will be to continue working to start the WFSA Training
Centers, and support all the programs where LA and other countries may
be involved.  


CLASA Committee of Education Report 2008- 2009

This Committee has continued to develop education oriented towards its
countries in the following programs:

1.  Anesthesia workshops

We have continued with this program, which started in 2007 has now
spread to eleven countries with 22 successful workshops already
arranged. The CLASA Anesthesia workshops are organized under specific
rules, which optimize resources in priority regions. It is necessary to
develop this program to include other cities and countries.


2. CLASA scholarship

The University Hospital of Valencia, Spain, in agreement with the
Executive and Education Committee of CLASA analyzed the many
applications. The winner of the award was Dr. Claudia Gamboa,
Anesthesiologist from Santacruz, Bolivia. Dr. Gamboa  began the rotation
last April.

It is planned to open the applications for the 2010 scholarship next

3. Access to international magazines: Program OVID CLASA

On December 2008 began the distribution of the 300 passwords of OVID for
the access to the international magazines: ANESTHESIOLOGY, ANESTHESIA
OPINION IN ANESTHESIA. This program is sponsored by Abbott
International, Chicago, USA.


The passwords were sent personally to colleagues from all the permanent
Committees as well as those involved in education and training programs
after request from their societies or federations.

After analysis of the impact of the resource we hope to continue with
the program next year.

4. The CLASA Manual of anesthesia

We are receiving the archives of each one of the Committees, proposals
that will be included in the manual, the deadline October  2009.


Guayaquil April 20th/ 2009

Dr. Flavio Veintemilla Sig-Tu, CLASA Education Committee

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