Charitable Donations


Charitable Donations

Imagine your child has a broken arm and needs an operation.There are no anaesthetists and no anaesthetic drugs available. Imagine taking your child to a hospital with a splinter inthe foot, and hearing the child scream while it is removed without anaesthesia.

When birth goes wrong and a caesarean section is necessary,skilled
anaesthesia or proper equipment is not available. Young mothers die

In many countries, to allow surgery of any kind to takeplace, there is a
great need to provide simple, low-cost, low-maintenance,anaesthetic
equipment. However, it is insufficient to send apparatus without
ensuring that training is provided. So education is a crucial

The WFSA is launching an appeal to anaesthetists world-wide to help
raise funds for equipment and education to provide basic anaesthetic
facilities for the world’s poorest people. Anaesthetists know what it
means to have no, or poor, facilities and can express the effects of
those serious deficiencies in terms that the public can understand. If
1% of anaesthetists from the developed countries volunteer to raise
£1000 then WFSA would have about £1 million a year to help those in
greatest need!

WFSA OFFICE has a “package” available with copies of the letters, and a
pamphlet. Also they have target hospitals with their equipment and
educational needs. So that anyone interested can join us in helping to
serve in a practical manner. All that is collected gets to those who
need it.

‘I have great faith in my specialty. I knew that we in the UK could
achieve our own Royal College of Anaesthetists. We did. I know, too,that
WFSA can raise at least US$1 million each year to help the “Poorest of
the Poor” have a small fraction of the anaesthetic care, that we
dispense daily, and which our population enjoy. Please help us to help
the poorest people.’

Quotation by Prof. Michael Rosen



US$ provides for

  • $10 WFSA Manual
  • $25 Stethoscope
  • $500 Package of Educational Materials
  • $1,000 Resuscitation Kit
  • $2,500 Infusion Pump
  • $3,500 Electronic Package
  • $5,000 Oxyvent Ventilator or Cardio-respiratory Monitor
  • $7,500 Ventilator and Anaesthetic Unit
  • $10,000 One Year Postgraduate Education
  • $25,000 One Full National Anaesthesia course
  • $50,000 One Full Anaesthesia Work Station

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