5th All Africa Anaesthesia Congress


5th All Africa Anaesthesia Congress

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The 5th AAAC Congress was organised by the Egyptian Society of Anaesthesiologists (EgSA), dedicated to improving patient care by advancing the science and practice of Anaesthesia. Founded in 1983, EgSA is an interdisciplinary organisation whose members are involved in the provision of anaesthesia, intensive care medicine and pain management. Anaesthesiologists from any African or Arabic country were invited to apply, and successful applicants were selected by the WFSA Education Committee, from Egypt, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Each fellow submitted a poster. Following
the congress, each fellow was also required to submit a report about
their experience at the congress, commenting on how they benefited from
the congress, how they intend to share the knowledge they acquired, and
how the acquired knowledge could improve anaesthesia in their
country. Here follows excerpts from these reports:

“The benefits accruing from my attendance at the 5th
AAAC in Cairo are countless and unlimited as the knowledge gained is
for both today and tomorrow and the new opportunities evolving as a
result are still unfolding. Back at my hospital, I have already
presented a summary of my experience and the knowledge gained is being
share with colleagues. New research proposals are being developed and
opportunities for collaboration being worked out. I am also hopeful that
the interaction with Lifebox team will soon bring forth an improved
availability of pulse oxymeters in the hinterlands beyond my immediate
locality.” Dr Casmir Edobor Omoifo, Nigeria
Read the full report here 

1st participation in an international anaesthesia congress has
permitted me to take a great step towards safe obstetric anaesthesia” – Dr Alfred Mugemanshuro, Rwanda

the congress it was a privilege to me for meeting and interacting with
leading decision makers e.g. the WFSA President, the 5AAAC chairperson
and WFSA Executive member. I also had a chat with officials from our
sponsor the BAXTER” – Dr Thadeoce Makosana, Malawi

different lectures from different speakers worldwide with case
discussions was so helpful in my career as it pushed me to search and
read more….This conference and this sponsorship has helped me much to
take a large step in my career and gave me a great support to enhance my
practice. ” – Dr. S. Nabil Fanous, Egypt 

would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Baxter Foundation for
sponsoring me to attend my first ever scientific conference outside my
country…This particular congress has changed fluid management practice
in our National Hospital (the biggest teaching hospital in Tanzania)” –
Dr Moses Mulungu, Tanzania

“…this was a valuable
occasion to meet all the anaesthetists who received the WFSA-Baxter
scholarship and compare the specialist anaesthesia training in our
respective countries” – Dr Magdalena Jaworska, South Africa 

knowledge and experience gained from the 5th AAAC I am sharing it in my
hospital to other anaesthesiologists, anaesthesia residents, medical
students, anaesthesia technicians, medical students, and other operating
room and ICU staff, for better patient care and safety.” Dr Jean Damascène Nyandwi, Rwanda

techniques, mentors and colleagues learnt and met are going to form a
basis for improved paediatric patient care in Cure Childrens Hospital of
Mbale, Uganda.” – Dr Fred Musana, Uganda 

“I am
very grateful for the Baxter Company for offering me that scholarship
to attend the conference. When I received the email that I was one of
the chosen few to be granted that scholarship, I couldn’t believe my
eyes. It was my first time to travel by air and even abroad. It is
something which will never get out of my memory.” Dr Feliciano Mkomaludzu Khungwa, Malawi

WFSA President Dr David J Wilkinson addressing some of the fellows

interacted and established contacts with anaesthetists from various
regions who are ready and willing to establish collaborations with my
institution in form of exchanging knowledge and instituting trainings
which will improve the anaesthesia practice. In addition, I was honoured
to meet the WFSA president Dr. David Wilkinson (UK) who gave great
words of wisdom which will positively impact my anaesthesia practice.” –
Dr Caroline Muthoni Mwangi, Kenya

convinced that with immense effort and dedication which you showed me
prior and after the congress can continue for the benefit of my country.
I would also like to extend my gratitude to my sponsors Baxter and the
congress sponsors; Zambia owes a lot to you all.” – Dr Anthony Kalufwelu, Zambia

were given souvenir textbooks on anaesthesia related topics, we had the
opportunity of collecting for ourself, friend and our institution. This
further emphasised the commitment of Baxter to the growth of
anaesthesia. This kind gesture is appreciated and will be in the history
of world anaesthesia for generations yet unborn to savour and learn
from. ” – Dr Adekola Oyebola Olubodun, Nigeria 

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