Pulmonary Function Tests and Lung Resection Bruce McCormick Thoracic Surgery Download – Pulmonary Function Tests and Lung Resection This article describes the steps taken to evaluate patients a fitness for lung resection surgery. Examples are used to demonstrate interpretation of these tests. It is vital to use these tests in conjunction with a thorough history and … Leer más

Brainstem Death (115)

TUTORIAL OF THE WEEK NUMBER 115 6TH OCTOBER 2008 Dr N Niranjan, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK ([email protected] ) homepage Dr. Mike Duffy, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK Questions: The following can be associated with brainstem death: Hypothermia Diabetes mellitus Cushing’s reflex Cardiac arrhythmias The following are required for brainstem death testing: Two doctors with at least … Leer más